Mixed Media - Figurative Work

My mixed media work explores humanity by bringing old images into a new narrative through digital manipulation and then by  intervening on them with a variety of mediums including oil, chalk, charcoal and encaustic.  All work is finished with an encaustic layer.  I take different paths to approach this work, sometimes working on the digital work and sometimes painting from it.  Other times I sketch directly from a found image and intervene on that.

My work is generally inspired by the human story of the late 19th to early 20th Century, migration, cultural adaptation and survival.  I am interested in linking viewers to our historical past as a way to connect us to what is relevant today.

Please contact me directly about availability and pricing.  My digital work is usually done in a variety of colorways and editions, and each piece is individually worked on with various mediums, so most images you see can be commissioned in various sizes, from 3.5"x3.5" up to 60"x60" or larger.   I happily accept commissions.