Inside the Studio

The studio to me is such a special place of solitude and creative exploration.  It  embodies an ambiance that is a true expression of my values, viewpoints and a desire for discovery.  While it is often a private place, I love having visitors and hold open studios several times a year. I now offer private and semi private classes where I teach the encaustic method to help others explore this ancient medium.  

I understand how powerful it is for people to connect with artwork that moves them as well as with the world behind what is created.  I also know that art is the sum of the artist and the viewer - together we make the art have meaning.  Therefore having visitors to the studio informs my work in a real way.  Learn More


Encaustic has a textural essence that is more impactful when seen live.  I hope some of the images in the gallery  below bring you closer to my studio and work.   Should you wish to make an appointment to visit me in the studio, please contact me.

studio 9_19
View of Studio
Hanging Art in Studio
Major Tom & Me @ Studio
View of Studio
Encaustic Palette
Major Tom in Studio
Encaustic Palette