Encaustic Portraits & Sketches

My exploration of encaustic painting began in 2015 as a result of my past experience working with wax as a medium.  I had practiced lost wax casting for twelve years when I designed and produced jewelry for my company Decamp Jewelry, where I sold jewelry both wholesale and retail through a store I operated in Palo Alto, CA.  When I began encasutic painting I wanted to work with wax again and was intrigued by the process.  For a time I focused on the Native American subject due to an interest in their story and aesthetic.  ​As a child my family spent a brief time on a reservation in New Mexico and throughout my life we regularly attended pow wows at Stanford University. My work is out of reverence to the Native American cultures, their story, strength, adaptation an continuation within the American story (not without struggle).  Today, I both paint directly in encaustic and I work with it in my mixed media work.


I happily accept commissions.

Bull Tongue 40x30
Chief I
sioux brave
San Diago III
Pancho Villa
Man with Buffalo Robe - Final
Osage II
Crying Sky - Sitting Bull
Peace - Joe Black Fox
Many Feathers
Ute Man
Navajo Man
Chief on the Plains
Myemah - Taos Man
Blue Monarch Boy
Blue Monarch Girl
Love and War
Poncho Villa II
Medicine Man
Young Crow Brave at Dawn